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For business individuals and freelancers getting started.


per month


per year

  • 1 owner account
  • 1 location
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For small teams just getting started.


per location/month


per location/year

  • Unlimited staff user account
  • Per location
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For business looking to scale and increase revenue.


per location/month


per location/year

  • Unlimited staff user account
  • Per location
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For organisations that need additional security, control and support.

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All our plans are designed to help you save time on daily tasks and grow your business. Explore all the features to find the plan that works for you.

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USD29.9 per month
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USD169.9 per month
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USD299.9 per month
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Flat priceContact Sales
Service provided at fixed location

Prices are based on per location, per month.

1 location only Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Pay annuallySave 20% when you pay upfront annually
Trial period30 days 30 days 30 days Contact sales
Key Differences
Service Provider Account Access (Business Portal)
Staff account

Set staff profiles to manage the business

1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Staff role management

Determine which staff can perform certain functions within the software

Online Bookings
Calendar based scheduler

Schedule any type of services beyond classes and appointments

No of fixed location(s)

Set up your different outlets, prices are charged per location.

1 Unlimited Charges by per locationUnlimited Charges by per locationUnlimited Charges by per location
No of active schedule(s)

Schedule classes and appointments and other services.

1 only without overlap Unlimited with overlaps Unlimited with overlaps Unlimited with overlaps

Add clients to a waitlist when your appointment/ classes or workshops are full.

Spot booking

Let clients pick their favourite class spot ahead of time.

Online Class (Teleconference)

Host virtual classes online to your customers benefit.

Business Management
Productivity Basics
Customer website

Customize your website with the different theme templates which is also mobile responsive.

Standard templates Standard templates Advanced templates Advanced templates
Customer mobile app*

Have your own mobile app for your clients whether they use iOS or Android. Simplify class and appointment booking, post schedules and send out custom notifications.

Shared app Shared app Custom app Custom app
Schedule appointments, classes, facility access and courses

Schedule additional types of services/appointments or facilities.

1 type only
Credits based booking*

Assign credits to your memberships or packages for your customers to book using their credits.

Shareable packages*

Allow your customers to share the packages with their friends or family.

Customer account management

Your customers will be able to set their own profile up and book your services and slots.

Booking management

Let the booking system manage room and equipment dependancy. No more double bookings again

Contactless self check-in and QR code check-in

Let clients check in themselves through the QR code at your front desk, giving your staff extra time to prep for the class

Bluetooth beacon check-in*

Let clients check in themselves through the bluetooth beacon at the entrance, giving your staff extra time to prep for the class

Facial recognition check-in*

Let clients check in themselves through the facial recognition check in, giving your staff extra time to prep for the class

Turnstile / digital lock integration*

Let clients check in themselves through the turnstile, giving your staff extra time to prep for the class

Staff, Leave & Payroll Management
Staff management

Set staff profiles and track working hours

Leave management*

Allow staff to easily take leave with the leave management system.

Payroll and commission management*

Manage and calculate pay and commissions of your staff

Business Intelligence / Reporting

Customisable data and which classes are performing better so you know where to improve.

Basic Standard
Sales analysis and reports

Get in depth with the real-time information helping you monitor past and future sales.

Basic Standard
Bookings analysis and reports

Get in depth with your bookings so you better understand who your customers are

Basic Standard
Raw data export

Allows you to export data tables and track data, allowing you to build your own database without requesting logs.

Customer Forms
Customer Forms

Reduce paperwork, simplify record keeping.

Contact us form Contact us form Unlimited Unlimited
Digital waiver form

Improve security with the digital waiver forms.

Seamless Commerce
Invoice Management

Streamline your invoices and autopay billing.

Standard Standard Standard Standard
Customer postpaid billing*

Offer customers to make a payment at the end of the month after they have utilised your services.

Credit card payment

Set up Stripe which is available in 47 countries, accept payments easily.

Localised payment partner

Integrated local payment methods who check out in specific markets (e.g. Singapore or Indonesia)

2 2 2 2
Currencies accepted

Make it simple for customers to make payment in their local country.

2 2 2 2
Point of sales system*

Give your clients more ways to make payments and increase your revenue.

Buy now pay later*

Make it simple for your customers to buy your packages with buy now. pay later system.

Sell products*

Your customers can buy from you anytime, sell it via your website or your app.

Listing only Listing only Full eCommerce Full eCommerce
Rent products*

Allow your customers to rent shoes or lockers through your software.

3PL delivery integration*3 3
Rewards System
Promo code(s)

Put your deals in your website or app.

1 active code 3 active codes Unlimited Unlimited
Stamp card(s)*

Offer stamp cards that works with our software.

1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Points and rewards catalogue*

Offer points/rewards to your customers when they purchase your services

3 3
Referral programme*

Encourage happy customers to refer their family and friends by easily rewarding referrals

3 3
Smart Marketing
Automated marketing campaigns

Set up campaigns to automatically reach out to your customers based on the criteria that are set up (e.g automatic emails sent when customer has not returned to the store)

1 active campaign 3 active campaign Unlimited Unlimited
Custom campaign builder*

Set up custom campaigns to reach out to your customers based on the criteria you create (e.g to celebrate their birthday)

Customisable email templates*

Send emails to customers with our email campaign builder and customisable templates.

Content and Community
Create blogs

Create blog posts for your customers to show your expertise on your business.

4 per month 4 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Add friends*
Community feeds*
Customer Support
Live chat with customer*

Stay connected to customers with the live chat function and manage your communications from one place.

Issues tracking management*

Stay connected to the issues that your customers face with our software.

Contact form Contact form Ticket system Ticket system
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Schedule a demo

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